Workshop Descriptions


Trinfo Café offers a variety of computer workshops available at no cost to Hartford residents and at a low cost to non-Hartford residents and community organizations.

To schedule a workshop or for cost inquiries please contact us at (860) 297-2127

*** Most Workshops are offered in Spanish and English ***

The workshops are divided into two sets:

Personal Development: Introductory Classes (2 hours each). This set will introduce the student to computers, the concept of the internet and the cloud. The student will also create a Google account to better understand Google’s  online services.

Professional Development: Introductory and Intermediate Microsoft Office (6 hours). These classes will help the student understand how to use Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point. In order to be able to use these in a professional setting.


  Introduction to Computers

Learn the basics of the Windows 10 operating system – mouse skills, Windows taskbar, multitasking, Start menu, My Computer, background, screensavers, use of shortcuts, recycle bin, Windows Desktop objects, basic computer maintenance and more. This class is recommended for anyone. No computer experienced required. Class length 2 hours.

  Introduction to the Internet
Go surfing! Explore the web. Learn how to use the bells & whistles of your Internet system, as well as good sites to search for information. Conduct a job search by logging onto career sites. No previous Internet experience necessary, but should be proficient with the mouse and keyboard.the-internet-of-things
  Practical Internet Use
This class teaches how to use the Internet for practical uses such as information, communication, and entertainment. Another Important component of this course is the concept of internet safety, what does it mean and are you safe online?
  Introduction to the Cloud and Online Email 

This workshop you will help you understand the abstract idea of using a cloud service. You will become familiar with the multiple functions that a cloud service offers and the multiple providers of cloud services. You will also create an account with Google
and learn how to use Gmail and Google’s other services.


  Microsoft Word (Basic Word Processing)
This 2 hour hands-on course teaches the fundamentals of Microsoft Word. In this course we will learn how to create, edit, format, save and retrieve documents. We will use and understand both the drop down menus and the toolbars. We will also dig deeper into the product, learning about dynamic linking with other applications, table formatting and how to bring graphics into a document, including Word Art.Prerequisite: Basic Windows mouse and keyboard/typing skills, knowledge of files and directory structure.


  MS Word Intermediate
Customizing Word (defaults, toolbar, etc), Templates, Headers/Footers, Tabs, More with Tables.
  Microsoft Excel (Spreadsheets)
This 6 hour hands-on course will teach the student the basic fundamentals of a spreadsheet – how to create, edit, format, save, retrieve and print. Using everyday examples we will create a spreadsheet and graphic representation of data. Time saving tips will be introduced, including Excel Wizards and pre-designed formats. Basics are recommended prior to this class. Offered in English or Spanish.Prerequisite: Basic Windows, mouse and keyboard skills, knowledge of files and directory structure.excel
  MS Excel Intermediate
More with referencing (relative, absolute, 3D), Filters, Subtotals, Linking, We do more hands on with each of these tools.

  Microsoft Powerpoint (Presentations)
PowerPoint is a powerful presentation graphics program. Its primary purpose is to create a slide presentation on your computer. Using PowerPoint you can create professional-looking handouts, overheads, charts, and other types of visual aids for use in a presentation to a group. Basics are recommended prior to this class.power point