Our Space

 Computer Lab:

Trinfo’s computers are linked to the Internet via high speed connection and feature many useful office and internet applications. Some of the computers are also equipped with webcams so that you may exchange digital pictures over the Internet or participate in an Internet video meeting.  The computers are also networked to a printer so that you may print any information you need.For further information about our services please visit Services tab.

Media Lounge:image1

Apart from the computer lab, Trinfo offers a lounge space for patrons to watch the news and educational videos, enjoy a snack, read magazines, and meet quietly. During the school year this space is used to offer movie nights and other community activities. Please visit Trinfo’s Events and Activities tab, or Trinfo’s Facebook page to find current information.

One-on-One Classroom:   

Computer Literacy Classes meet in a small room at Trinfo that is separate from the computer lab and offers private space for one-on-one learning.

Community Garden

The community garden is an initiative that is designed to give local residents the access to planting image2space in order to grow vegetables and other plants. For more information please visit our Community Garden page.

Refreshments Table:

Trinfo offers free coffee, tea, and water to its patrons on a daily basis. Furthermore, there is a microwave that people may use to heat up snacks. However, the kitchen is not open for general use.


There are two single bathrooms located in Trinfo that are open to people who have made an account with Trinfo.