Community Garden FAQ

How do I sign up for a plot(s) in the community garden?

If you would like to participate in the community garden please talk with the receptionist inside of Trinfo. You must fill out a garden contract that can be found here or at our front desk. If all beds are taken you can fill out a contract to be placed on our waiting list. Participants are limited to one bed per person, which consists of two plots.


How large are the plots?

Beds within the garden are 8ft by 4ft, which means that the plots are 4ft by 4ft.


How long do I have a plot if I sign up for one?

Plots are first come first serve. Signing up for a plot insures you a space in the community garden from April to October. Participants must request a new plot once the harvest season is done in the Fall by filling out a community garden contract and dropping it at the front desk.


What can I grow in my plot?

Participants are allowed to grow anything within their plot as long as the plant is legal and is confined to within the plot. Plants are not allowed to cover the pathways between beds.


Are there seeds available?

Yes, Trinfo has a limited number of seed packets available that participants may use.


What if I need help with gardening?

Unfortunately, Trinfo does not offer assistants with growing and maintaining personal plots within the garden. However, there are multiple resources available online.


Are there tools available if I do not own my own?

Yes. The community garden is equipped with a shed the houses all of the garden tools. In order to access the shed you must sign out the shed key and ask the receptionist to unlock the second lock for you. Once you are finished using the tools return them to the shed and lock both locks, then return the key to the receptionist and sign the key back in. 


How do I water my plants?

On the garden side of Trinfo there is a faucet that participants can use to fill up a watering can. Gardeners must sign out watering cans at the front desk if they would like to use them. There is also an irrigation system built into the beds that release .5 gallon into each plot.


Can I pick from other plots?

Yes and no. There are designated plots within the garden that are communal and anyone who is affiliated with the garden can take items from this area. If the plot is not labeled as communal then it is off limits because it is most likely a personal plot. For more information please refer to the plot map.


Can I use pesticides on my plant?

No. Since the size of the garden is relatively small using pesticides can lead to unwanted exposure.