Elementary School Curricula

Below is a table describing the elementary school curricula produced by Trinfo.Cafe. Immediately following the table is a searchable directory where you can view and download the content described in the table.   



Age Group


Tech for Tykes Web-Based, crafts making, Paint, Word,  Publisher and worksheets Pre K- 1st grade Students will learn about the basic building block of computers. They will learn the keyboard, demonstrate their understanding of computers through fun educational games and other creative activities.
 Arts of the World Power Point 1st- 3rd grade Students will learn about the different types of Art throughout the world, such as Chinese Calligraphy, High Renaissance Italian Art, and Mexican Paintings and showcase their favorite art through PowerPoint.
 Important Figures Power Point 1st- 3rd grade Students will learn about the biographies of important figures that they made not learn about in school and create PowerPoint to showcase what they have learned.
The Environment Power Point 1st- 3rd grade Students will learn about the concept environment through a series of introductory lessons on aquatic life, the amazon rainforest, plant conservation, endangered species, ecosystem, ecology as well as the BP oil spill. Student will also be introduced to PowerPoint.
Comic Strips Web-Based; Paint; Worksheets 1st- 6th grade Students will have the opportunity to explore two different comic-making websites in order to create their own comic strips. 
Saving the Planet/Ecology for Kids Publisher, Power Point and Word 1st – 8th grade Students will be introduced to a series of lesson on global warming, Hurricane Katrina, endangered species and sources of energy.   Then student will create a Power Point Presentation and pamphlet detailing things they can do to save the planet.
Astronomy for Kids Power Point and Word 4th-6th grade Introduce students to the life and ideas of the great astronomers such as Kelper, Galileo and Newton.
Google Earth Web Based 3rd- 6th grade Introduces students the online mapping tool known as Google Earth. Students learn about continents all the way down to individual adresses. A complementary curricula to those students learning about Geography in school. 

* * All Curricula can be adjusted to fit different age groups * *

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