High School Curricula

Below is a table describing the high school curricula produced by Trinfo.Cafe. Immediately following the table is a searchable directory where you can view and download the content described in the table.   


Program Type Age Group Description
Media Literacy and Consumerism Web- based, PowerPoint 9th- 12th grade  Students will learn about consumerism through a series of lessons on credit card quandary, big radio, diamonds, intro to the second world, sneakers manufacturers, taxes, teen insecurities, school sellout and product placement.
Media Literacy and Democracy Web- based, PowerPoint 9th- 12th grade  Students will learn about the notion of democracy through a series of lesson on media bias, campaign advertisements, political cartoons, links between Iraq and 911, non-lethal weapons, elections, protests and security vs. freedom.
Life Skills  Web- based, PowerPoint 9th- 12th grade  The goal of the program is to help students with their lives, career paths and educational endeavors. This program will teach students how to navigate the Internet, familiarize themselves with MS Word and Excel, how to manage email accounts and how to write resume.  
Media Literacy and Ecology Web- based, PowerPoint 9th- 12th grade  Students will learn about the concepts of media literacy and global warming.
App Inventor Web-Based; App Inventor software 9th- 12th grade  Using AppInventor,  a freely shared software developed by MIT, students over the course of 18 sessions learned how to build apps for Android smartphones while getting preliminary exposure to computer science and computational thinking.
Spanish and Latin American Culture Power Point and Publisher 9th- 12th grade  Students will learn about the Mayas, Spanish Culture, Mexican American war, and Diego and Frida. They will showcase what they have learned through PowerPoint Presentations.
Jeopardy Power Point  9th- 12th grade  A trivia game used at the end of lessons to add an element of fun in the classroom. 

* * All Curricula can be adjusted to fit different age groups * *

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