Mi Casa Lyricist Lounge Spring 2011

In the Spring Semester of 2011, Trinfo took part in Mi Casa’s Transformando el Futuro Service Learning Project. One of the goals of the project is to conduct an investigation on how families of Mi Casa’s students originally came to Hartford and the history of the Frog Hollow neighborhood, where many of their students live. Trinfo’s role in the project was to assist in putting together an artistic presentation where students will be able talk about their Hartford experiences. Trinfo taught a revised version of our Lyricist Lounge curriculum. The first part of the curriculum is on how to write poetry. The second part consists of voice recording of their poems. Lastly, students were taught how to showcase their poetry along with their voice recording into a movie. Below are the videos of their artistic creations:


Our Hartford Poem (Nuestra Poema de Hartford), by various Artists
This is a collective poem written and produced by Mi Casa students and Trinfo Staff on Hartford


The following are 10 of the individual poems produced by Mi Casa students:


First Day in Hartford, by Luis


Graffiti, by Jose Hernandez


Romance, by Irvin


Poem by Aracelis, recorded by Luis, Pictures found by Kimberly


Poem by Davielimaris


Poem by Francisco Garcia


Poem by Jadier


Poem by Lusidalia Velasquez


Poem by Rosa Mercedes


Poem by Ted Torres